Mage Type: ?
Diet: ?
Powers: ?
Biography: Thrakos is a farm boy from the city of Kiria. He works with his father and his mother has been missing since he was little.

Comics: 23
Recent Appearance: Issue 2 Page 26
First Appearance: Issue 2 Page 25


Mage type: Luminary
Diet: Vegan
Powers: Healing, summoning, dragon call and shield spell.
Biography: Lena was found as a child, in the abandoned den of an Arch Dragon, no one knows why but she was taken i and raised by a tribe of nature luminaries.

Comics: 0


Mage type: Luminary
Diet: Omnivore
Powers: Summoner, levitation, staff of teleporting.
Biography: Arcturios is a leading luminary mage and mentor to Thrakos. He takes Thrakos on a journey of discovery. Arcturios is a resident of the city of Atlantian.

Comics: 9
Recent Appearance: Issue 2 Page 26
First Appearance: Issue 2 Page 1

Arch Green Dragon

The Arch Green Dragon is allied with the forces of nature. He protects nature and allies with anyone who is the same. He is known to blend into the forests, grow trees from his body and breathe poisonous gas at his enemies.

Comics: 0

Arch Titan Dragon

The Arch Titan Dragon is one of the primal dragon gods, born at the dawn of Oniro. Luminaries and Captuveries have been known to summon him. He is made of earth and rock, is known to blend in with mountains and changes appearance often. He has the power to create earthquakes and tsunamis.

Comics: 0

Arch White Lightning Dragon

The Arch White Lightning Dragon was born at the dawn of time and is immensely powerful. She is allied with the forces of good and tranquility.

Comics: 0

6 more Arch Dragons to come.

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