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Luminous Ages card game is a deck building card game suitable for all ages with multiple ways to play to make it accessible to all level players.

After a successful convention tour and Kickstarter last year the 1st edition of Luminous Ages is now available. However we are always trying to improve so all feedback is welcome. Cards are available for purchase via Patreon.

The most up to date Rules are available here: Rules PDF

Gallery of Cards:

Dragon Dreams

Currently under production we have a new version of our card game. Dragon Dreams is intended as a more relaxed Party Game which is very quick to learn and can be played by 2-4 players. Currently Dragon Dreams is being demoed at Conventions for final Beta testing.

Rules : Rules to Come

Gallery of Cards:

Dragon Mode

A special Boxed version of the game, which includes accessories, including tokens and die. Evil Dragon Gods are threatening Reality, either team up with your friends or compete against each other in order to defeat the gods and save reality. Can be player either as a collaborative or competitive game, cards are also cross compatible with Dragon Dreams and the TCG.


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